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As I set here by the fire having coffee this morning watching the news,,I wonder what's going to happen to his ol country of our's I have alway's said I was born about a 100 year's too late,and now I feel it more than ever,,all my life Iv'e kept up with the changing time's and the technoligy,,but not because I wanted too,It was merley a matter of survival..when I think about how complicated life has become just since I was a kid it make me wonder. I wonder what life will be like in another fifty year's for my grandchildren..lucky enough their being brought up in the cowboy way,,so far wer'e still able to do that,,I remember when the calendar was fixi'n to turn over to the year 2000,how a lot of people wer'e extremely worried the world was going to shut down,,computer's,car's and modern life as we know it,,was I worried? No way in fact I was kinda hoping life would get simple again,when if you wanted to go somewhere you saddled up your horse and gave yourself enough time to get there,,My grandpa left Oklahoma headed for Colorado when he was 13,(his grand parents made him leave cause there was too many mouth's too feed,and they figured he was growed and it was time for him to get out on his own,,he worked as a cowboy and anything else he could do to get there,took him a couple year's but he made it just fine,and probably glad as hell to get away from the dustbowl,,yes sir life is entirely to complicated to suit me,,but I suppose with a little common sense and God's help we will get through,,,,,,,,,Cowboy Rory

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