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February 3, 2014

I worked on a couple paintings this weekend, including this little study:


Daily Whipout: "Cloverleaf From Hell"


This is to illustrate the end of the book when I ask the question, "What happens when too many people show up for the same dream?" Let's face it, the interstates are a godsend. We can zip through huge cities with relative ease but somehow it seems lifeless and oppressive. I was reading a review in the New York Times yesterday and I loved this description about the current status of the old motels: "motels in various stages of fleabaggery," and I also love this quot on why the old road ain't what it used to be:


"Before Interstates and shopping malls mucked up the fruited plain."

—Bruce Denby



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Comment by Sue Cauhape on February 3, 2014 at 11:58pm

The interstate certainly did a number on Seligman. And speaking of "various stages of fleabaggery," Fourth Street in Reno, a remnant of Old Highway 40, is now a string of just such motels. Their faded glory is sad to see and speaks softly of fun family road trips and honeymoons long past.

Comment by Margaret-Anne Moore on February 8, 2014 at 1:20pm

If anybody saw the movie  "Cars"  with Paul Newman, they should realize that what happened to the small town in the movie's locale actually happened to many communities, not only in Arizona but in California as well.  when we traveled along old U. S. Highway 80 from San Diego to Yuma, we found a town where we could fill up the tank of our car in one town and an inviting restaurant in another--both towns were left high and dry by the construction of the Interstate.  Although Ludlow, California, is located along old U. S. Highway 66 at the point where the interstate leaves the old route, is has been described as a  "ghost town"  of three eras because it served miners, the railroad, and the old highway.  Many of the towns along that particular highway are so far from the Interstate that they cannot possibly serve its travelers.


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