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Hi There, It has been said that Custer fathered a child by and Indian woman. I was wondering if you or anyone knows what happened to the Mother and baby? Did they just disappear in to the mists of time?

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Well, Gayle in all honesty that does not sound right. In my research I have learned that nearly all the tribes valued children greatly. I suppose it is possible....I was talking to a Shaman I know yesterday and he said that he thinks the reason that there was not more mutilation done to Custers body was because he had fathered the child...Only his eardrums were pierced so that he would learn to listen in the next world...hmmmm
Yes, I agree, Gayle. Unfortunately in history, the innocent have always suffered. Maybe someone here will have an answer...
I found this on the web...not a lot of info out there. This was from an interview with Brave Bear who was at Little Big Horn....

During the long winter trek officers commanding the victorious troops forced the younger prettier Cheyenne women, married and single, to come each night to their tents. Among the most attractive of all, Monahseetah (Meotzi) was picked to bed down with the soldier-chief, regardless of the fact that she was in deep mourning for her dead father, Chief Black Kettle. Strict Cheyenne morals counted for little with this soldier-chief, Brave Bear decided, for after they reached Camp Supply his white wife joined him and Monahseetah was discarded. Violated as she had been, no Cheyenne; man now would take her as his wife.

"She was a proud woman," Brave Bear told Lame White Man. "For long months she kept silent as the child of the soldier-chief grew within her womb. At last, when the Cheyennes were all together again and the soldier-chief was talking peace with us, Monahseetah told him she was happy to bear his child. After that, he shunned her as though she had the white man's dreaded spotted sickness (smallpox).

"It was then that we chiefs met with this soldier-chief and smoked the pipe with him, for by now we were all ready for peace. The soldier-chief solemnly promised he would never attack us or fight us again. Someone explained to him that our smoking with him made the peace promise binding on us as well. The pipe was in my charge that day. It was my honor to light it first and smoke it last. Looking about me, I saw from their faces that the hearts of the Southern Cheyenne leaders were warm with hope. For a moment I, too, felt warm toward the soldier-chief and all white men. Then my mind darkened with thoughts of Monahseetah's disgrace. I took the dead ashes from the pipe and spilled them on the boots of the soldier-chief, placing upon him the endless curse of the Everywhere Spirit."

Brave Bear broke off suddenly as a gangling boy of seven with light streaks showing in his lank hair crept through the oval flap of the big tepee and stood blinking in the morning sun. A moment later a young woman whose face was still fair to look upon followed. At the woman's silent touch, the boy turned away to accompany her toward the river, where they went each day to gather kindling for the breakfast cookfire. Lame White Man waited until they were out of earshot before he spoke.

"The boy with Monahseetah now -- the lad called Yellow Bird -- he is the son of the soldier-chief who killed Black Kettle?"

Brave Bear signed yes. "He goes with her everywhere, not caring to be around full-blooded children. Yet only his hair shows pale streaks, the light color such as white men often have. Otherwise, he could well be one of us."

Lame White Man signed agreement. For a while he remained quiet, for he wondered how his own wife might react if he told he was thinking of taking a second wife-and that he was considering Monahseetah, whose name was darkened by a cloud of white conquest eight years ago. At last he asked a question of Brave Bear. "Yellow Bird was fathered by the white soldier-chief ?"

"It is so," Brave Bear answered. "The soldier-chief who had yellow locks hanging to his shoulders, the one we all called Long Hair."

Then I found this....
Although Brave Bear asserted that George Custer fathered Monaseetah's child, Yellow Bird, it is more likely that the actual father was George's brother, Thomas Custer, due to the fact that the gonorrhea that George A. purportedly contracted at West Point apparently left him sterile and therefore incapable of fathering child. "He was shooting blanks," cackled one old soldier.

Mu husband showed me two books he has on Custer and I found this...

According to Cavalier in Buckskin by Robert 193-4 The General was not mutilated at all..He laid on his back as if he was a asleep, one bullet hole in the temple and one above the heart...Some Cheyanne women had recognized him and prevented any mutilation to his body as he had fathered a child by Monahseetah and so was a realative..although they did push sewing awls into his ears.

Another book by Thomas Goodrich said that he did have an arrow shaft up his penis...

So, Who really knows the truth....
Several years ago this came up on my column and I contacted the Custer Battlefield Museum at Garyowen, Montana and discussed the battle with director, Chris Kortlander. What actually happened on the 25th of June, 1876 will never be fully known, and that’s what keeps us interested. I have studied and lectured on the battle since 1969 and like the Battle of the Alamo, I keep learning something new. There were many contradictory versions given by the Indians and there were no white survivors so exactly what happened will never be known. There is still a lot of controversy over whether the body that lies in Custer’s grave at West Point is really Custer. Despite what you read, there’s no positive evidence that Custer’s body was ever identified.
Really! Well, that is all quite interesting. Hmmmmm...makes ya wonder if, like Elvis, he survived and lived on ....LOL....just kidding. But it is all very fascinating...Well, I guess they could exhume him and do a DNA test...

Thanks, Marshall...for your info...
Hi ya Jinny:
I just happen to have a very rare photograph of Custer, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Elvis, and Jimmy Hoffa drinking beer in a cantina in Caborca.
LOL Can you post it..That would be a hoot!
Ah, ya called my bluff.
I didn't see it myself but I heard it from a guy who had a friend who swore his cousin's brother-in-law thought he saw the photo in that cantina in Caborca. But he wasn't sure because he was bombed out of his mind.
LOL! Maybe it was not a poster but a hallucination....I have seen pictures like that, though. Some of the ones of movie stars of different eras...and presidents...kinda cool!
There was a big article on this in the June 2009 issue of the other magazine. It was the cover article.
I don't believe Custer fathered an Indian child..I believe as Jeffrey Wert asserts , Custer was sterile due to Gonorrhea.


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