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I have a collection of True West that needs the number 1 issue to complete through sometime in the seventies.  Does anyone have the number 1 to sell?  My books are very nice and all came from the same owner,so the number 1 has to be nice.  Thanks in advance.

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There is a nice one on Ebay right now. It is starting at 100.00 or a 300.00 buy it now. I have seen the No. 1 go for more than 100.00. I got lucky a few years back and bought the first four issues in mint condition for 30.00. Good luck!

Howdy Jake, welcome to the forum it's nice to see a fellow collector of hosstails magazines here.


True West #1 Summer 1953 Buy it now $150.00 Auction ended. Unsold


Eight True West Magazines Including #1 Summer 1953 Purchased with the buy it now price of only $15.99


A binder of 28 True West Magazines From #1 Summer 1953 - #28 August 1958. $100.00 Starting Bid or $400.00 Buy it Now.  have True West #1 – Summer 1953 listed at $40.00


I've attached a word file listing the index for the first True West magazine. I've found all the articles bar one have been re-printed in later hosstail magazines. The magazines are listed in Red the first number is the magazine number and the second number the page for the start of the article.


Thanks Buckshot,I appreciate the information.
Thanks Augustus,I looked at the item.  However,they fail to picture the number 1.  I have a very nice "rose of cimmaron" which is number 2.  They do have that pictured.  If you look at the pics in the ad,the gold colored cowboy reading cover is one of my favorites.  I got my run when I was purchasing old comic books.  Just as additional information,I also have a book that indexes the characters and stories to issue.  Hard thing to wade through some of the stuff sometimes.  Thanks again for the help.

Jake, the first True West is shown.

Rose of Cimmaron is number five not two?


I'm missing #'s 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 12.

inside says August-September 1954 Volume 2 No.1.  Cover that says November 1954 has October-November 1954 Volume 2 No. 2 on inside.  I SAW THEM KILL SAM BASS is on the bottom of the cover which featuresa fallen horse and cowboy.  Now I gotta go and discern what is what.   How long did Volume 1 run?  In terms of number of issues and starting date?  Also,all of my True West run every two months as I recall.  Mine are all in plastic magazine covers and backers.  They are no longer in sequence from me occasionally reading a few,so I will be awhile getting them sorted sequentially again. I gotta locarte my reference book and find out what is up.  Of course,being a collector of stuff,a useful reference book would be no where near the magazines,but it is here,that I know.  Thanks for the help.


Volume 1 #1 Summer 1953                      Whole Number 1
Volume 1 #2 Fall 1953                             Whole Number 2
Volume 1 #3 Winter 1953                         Whole Number 3
Volume 1 #4 Spring 1953                         Whole Number 4

Volume 2 #1 August-September 1954         Whole Number 5
Volume 2 #2 October-November 1954         Whole Number 6
Volume 2 #3 January-February 1955           Whole Number 7
Volume 2 #4 March-April 1955                   Whole Number 8            
Volume 2 #5 May-June 1955                      Whole Number 9
Volume 2 #6 July-August 1955                   Whole Number 10


True West 1-8 See picture below.


Bob,in my hand I have the Dec.,'54-Jan.,'55 Volume 2 No.3.  It is the cover you have pictured as #7.  Very nice looking white horse.   Thanks,so now I find out I need ALL 4 Volume 1's but also discover the December '62 issue was disposed of because of a bad cover.  I can tell you it is a bad thing to have an eye for nice artwork in books and postcards,especially comic books.  Magazines including crime mags will also get you.  The artists certainly knew how to convey information in their work.  I think a picture is underpriced at only a thousand words. The True West mag certainly has some beautiful covers,plus great stories. So I do have the correct sequence except for the volume 1's,which were quarterly. Thanks for the help,be lost without other's kindness to me.  


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