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I think I may have located a previously unknown relic from the career the notorious western con man Soapy Smith.   I may have to make a trip to Alaska to aquire it.  It'll be great addition to the western memorabilia collection at White Horse Ranch.


I'll update with more information as my quest for this relic continues. 

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 How intriguing and exciting!I'm sure many here are "champing at the bit"awaiting more information.Good luck on your relic quest!
There's a lot of fake Soapy stuff out there, don't get burned.
This totaly unique and unknown relic seems to have been salvaged from the back room of "Jeff Smiths Parlor" after it had become "Clancy's". Salavaged by an employee of Clancy's and passed down thru several generations. I haven't been able to actually contact the decendent who has it but have been in contact via an aquantance of his. More will be posted as my search to obtain this artifact progresses.

More information has become available to me.   It would seem that this unique item was indeed take by an ancestor of the man who now has it from the back room of Clancy's.  However it would not have been there when Jeff Smith was killed or when his "Parlor" was cleaned out by  his widow.  For it seems that Jeff Smith had commissioned someone to make this item as a part of his plans to extend his business, and it no doubt had not been yet delivered to him at the time of his demise. 


Further updates will follow.

I DID IT . . . took a quick trip to Alaska to aquire it . . . . but I was succesful.   ..... and now have what is no doubt the ultimate "Soapy Smith" relic


I'm not certain if all of the contents of it are the actual originals, .... some of the contents may have been removed long ago and are replaced with more recent vintage duplicates, ..... but it is all there.


See the whole saga and the fine relic   

Nice to have my relic's authenticity verified by such a renound athority  :)


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