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Are there any groups in the SF CA Bay Area doing old west re-enactments?  Has anybody tried to marry the sport of Airsoft with an old west theme?  I think it would be great and would add a level of realism to the old west thing.  Oh yeah its great to see Bob Boze Bell's name on the site/blogs...I am reading his book on Doc Holliday and its great stuff.






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I've yet to see an air soft gun in the shape of a revolver. Because your using a projectile it would require safety glasses or a face shield of some sort just like you would in paintball to prevent putting out an eye.
In the military we used lasers connected to our rifles with harness'. When hit our weapons were disabled and it took a key to re-arm the gun. Using lasers is much safer then shooting a projectile, as long as you have safety glasses.

A cple. of Japanese airsoft companies put out replicas of the Colt S.A.A.--the run is so small though they usually sell out as soon as they are posted on the seller's websites. I am on an airsoft team and we do mil-sim. Yeah we use masks, goggles, safety glasses. I have always thought that the two would pair up really great ( old West/Airsoft). A saloon shootout, high noon gunfight, or recreation of the O.K. Corral would be great with airsoft. The revolvers out there actually use a shell that you tuck a small 6mm BB in. Either a spring or some form of gas fires the BB --ranges can be good up to about 100-150ft. depending on skill and what kind of gun you are using. I've found a cple. of decent websites to pick up period clothes and gear if I decide to get into the reenacting. Are there many reenactors in your area?

Yes Alf;
There are about 10 groups of re-enactors located thru out this state. Maybe more. This is only those that I know of. Now the Civil War groups are different as well as the Mountain Man Rondevous individuals. Then you have the Indian Pow Wows. One of the largest indian pow wows is held here in OKC called the Red Earth, Many tribes come from all over North America to compete against each other here in what used to be called the Indian Territories. Its quite an active state for any who wants to participate.
Since you asked: I belong to a group called "Gunfighters of the Old West" and we are based here in the SF Bay Area. There is a group near Stockton called "Spirits of the Old West" And I think there is one near Oakdale. We have not thought about airsoft guns, they lack the sound and smoke of a real six gun. Hope this helps you.
Thanks for the info. I never thought about Airsoft taking away the sound and the smoke. My Wife is really unhappy because I have the "Old West" bug really bad right now and she knows what it might turn into moneywise. Does anybody have an opinion on just how costly getting into the reenacting is? I have priced period style clothing and gear..... not as bad as I thought , but definetely not cheap either. Anybody have any companies they deal with exclusively for their gear?

I live in the bay area..
Before investing in a western outfit.....
Check out Civil War groups in the Bay area there are two or more.
The (ACWA) Americian Civil War Asc. or the (NCWA) National Civil WAR Asc. are both nearby.

SHADOWS OF THE PAST, an old west group I'm in, out of Santa Cruz
will not let any one play cowboy with us until they have had at least a
year as a Civil War reinactor. Most have loaner gear.

Why this rule you ask.
1. Most old west cowboys etc. were Civil War vets that drifted west after the war.
2. Civil War groups teach reinactment weapon safety better than the NRA.
3.To get rid of the gun nuts and yahoos. Some folks want to join just to shoot guns.
We are a Living History group in an era which guns were tools of daily life.
Most time yer weapon doesn't leave the holster.
There will be a Civil War reinactment April 24 in San Ramon at the Farm 10 to 4 pm.
It is a lot of fun to talk to the reinactors,they are very knowedgeable and informative. Some of these people are hard core, they sleep in tents on straw and eat the rations of the day.
It is a fun time for history buffs.

Thanks...I'll be there. Unkle Sherman recommended trying the Civil War re-enactment first to get my feet wet. Maybe I'll meet some other folks who have never ventured into the fiction section of the library. Thanks everybody who have been so helpful.

Take Care-ALF
Everybody...thanks for the info. If you recommend ( Unkle Sherman) doing the Civil War reenacting first, we have some family friends that do the Civil War thing. As for PowWows we have the Stanford University PoWWow every year on Mother's Day here in the Bay Area. Its about the biggest in my area. It doesn't have to be big--just as long as they have fry bread tacos!!!

If any of the Bay Area groups ( North Bay/South Bay) are putting on events or are meeting I would really appreciate being able to come get a look see.

Thanks again guys.


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