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My mother and father and others are from Globe, Arizona.
Do you know of any famous people who are from there. I've heard that Billy
the Kid visited as did Geronomo but no one else. Oh yea, Governor Hunt worked
up there as a dishwasher for a while.


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Doing some quick online reading shows that there are several notable men who have dotted the history of Globe AZ.

A group in particular is outlined below:

In 1894 one of the Clanton men, who had survived the infamous Earp-Clanton/McLaury feud in Tombstone and had moved to Globe, became involved in yet another violent incident. After the battle at the O.K. Corral, the surviving Clanton brothers Ike and Phineas fled to Apache County. Ike was killed in a gunfight by Deputy Sheriff Commodore J. V. Brighton on Eagle Creek, near Blue River, and Phineas was imprisoned. After prison, Phineas moved to Globe and began raising goats for a living. His lands surrounded what is now Sleeping Beauty Mountain. In the winter of 1893-1894 Phineas robbed Sam Kee, a Chinese gardener in Wheatfields, at gunpoint. Clanton, however, was acquitted on 22 May 1894. Later, Phineas married a Mrs. Bohme, whose husband had died. She had a 12-year-old son--William Bohme. On 5 January 1906 Phineas was involved in a wagon accident, and his exposure to the weather caused him to get pneumonia, from which he died. He is buried in Globe.

This tid-bit came from:
Thank I read your story, my memory said .."oh yea"..I remember !!

Always good to obtain more material. Thanks again !!

Thank you...I was told that by my Grandmother back in 50's when I was younger.
My other Grandmother remembered Geronimo coming to take little girls away on
raiding parties. Thank you for your information....I bet you're busy being a cousin
and all. Best Wishes,

Greetings from NY. I see that you live in Peoria. I grew up in Peoria and went to high school there, even though I now live in NY. I have a question for you about Miami, AZ. How do you pronounce it locally? I've heard it's pronounced Mee-ah-mee. I've also heard that's the Indian way to pronounce the word. Just wondering how the locals say it.
I was also thinking of Rose Moffort. Phin Clanton/Pete Spence's widow is buried in the cemetery in Claypool I believe. I've been to the grave but can't quite remember which town.
A story is told that Black Jack Newman wanted to name the town Mima for his fiance, Mima Tune. There was a group there from Miami, Ohio who wanted it named after their home town. They compromised and spelled it Miami and prounouced in Mima or Miamah.
I went to college with several guys from Miami and they always insisted it be pronounced that way and to this day That's how I say it.
Yep, Jack Elam was from Globe but graduated from Phoenix Union High School.
Helen Hull Jacobs (Tennis Champion)
My great-grandfather and grandfather were "working stiff" miners there for a time, lately from Cripple Creek, Aspen, Colorado; Tonopah and Goldfield, Nevada; and headed for Jerome, Bisbee Arizona; and Copperopolis, Jenny Lind, Jamestown and Grass Valley, California before they keeled over. Famous with me.
Edwin Tewksbury died in Globe, I think he was a lawman there.
Yep, Ed returned to Globe after being jailed for a time over the killing of Tom Graham in Tempe. He was found guilty but released on a legal technicality when he wasn't given a chance to plead guilty or not guilty. At his second trial the case was dismissed and Ed walked away a free man. He returned to Globe where he became a constable and Gila County deputy sheriff. He’d contracted tuberculosis in jail and died on April 4, 1904.
I think that this is how Big Nose Kate got to know Governor Hunt. If I am not mistaken he worked off and in a miner's boarding house on Broad. Without starting a rumor, it is said that she was the one who owned the house.


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