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Did doc Holliday actually wear a black frock during the shootout at the OK corral, or was it grey as stated by witnesses....

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   Doc was known to wear both black and grey quite normally along with pastel blue shirts.Witnesses stated that he wore a long grey Ulster overcoat but I don't recall mention of a black frock.He also wore sack suits quite often so it could even have been that.When Morgan Earp was assassinated he was wearing his best suit which,of course,was ruined and Doc provided one of his own for Morgan's interment.All the Earp boys were about the same height and weight,about 160 and Doc's weight was about the same in 1881-82.A little over four years later and the ravages of T.B. and repeated bouts of pneumonia had reduced his weight to the low 120's.At any rate Doc was a natty dresser wearing custom tailored clothes and he most certainly would have owned all the leading styles of the day.

There is an eyewitness account of the OK Corral fight which, to my knowledge, has never been published.  William Bork, at the time a graduate student working on a Master's in history, interviewed Mary Katherine Horoney, better known as Big Nose Kate.  She & Doc were rooming at Fly's & their window overlooked the area of the fight.  She witnessed the whole thing.  However, the account she gave Bork differed in so many ways from the account Lake put in his book that Bork couldn't place the article.  I know the late Glen Boyer was in touch with Bork with regard to Kate while he & his wife Jane Coleman were researching for her novel DOC HOLLIDAY'S WOMAN, but whether or not Bork gave Glen a copy of the article he wrote from what Kate told him I don't know.

Historian Jim Dunham states that he has several original Epitaph's and in one a couple weeks prior to the gunfight there was an ad from a merchant stating a large shipment of men's long grey overcoats for coming cold weather. Dunham speculates that it is one of these coats that Doc is wearing.


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