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Hello!  I'm hoping to find somene with information regarding the values of backdated True West magazines.  My dad has been collecting True West magazines for about 20 years.  He has a lot of old issues dating back to the 1950's - 1990's.  He is getting older now and wants to try to sell them.  However, we have no clue what they're worth.  I've done some research on eBay and found the same issues going for prices varying from $5 - $50.  I'm hoping to find someone to help us figure out what to price these at.  Also, to help us figure out if eBay is the best place to sale them or if there is a private collector that might with a group of them or all of them.

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Shaunna, I've attached the current price list for "True West" magazines. It was taken from the Magazine House site.

IMHO, the only "True West" magazines of great value are the first four, Summer, Fall, Winter 1953 and Spring 1954 and these must be in perfect condition to be of any real value. Sorry to say any other magazine can be bought on e-bay very cheaply. here's a few examples,

I cannot thank you enough! You have no idea what this list will mean to my dad. I think he was hoping they'd be worth a little more. Not because he needs the money, just because collecting them all through the years he'd always hoped they'd be a treasure to someone else someday! Thanks for getting this to me!


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